Fair Isle Unlimited is formed by Wilbert Frieling, Linda le Grand and Betty Stikkers living in the municipality of Lith, 25 km east of 's-Hertogenbosch.

We imported our first Shetlands in 1995 shortly after the first introduction in the Netherlands.

The Shetland is a primitive breed, relatively small, prolific and sober.

Fair Isle Unlimited is the contact address for the increasing numbers of Shetland breeders in the Netherlands.


We started in 1995 with the import of 12 ewes and 1 ram and no knowledge whatsoever on Shetland sheep.
Before Shetlands came into our lives we bred Suffolk and Texel.

Gradually, we learned that because of wool quality, colours and markings, breeding Shetlands is very different from breeding any other breed.

Linda le Grand has since than focused on color inheritance and Betty Stikkers on wool quality.

Wilbert Frieling deals with the health status of our animals.

Due to various imports we managed to introduce several markings and colours. Fair Isle has a homogeneous katmoget and gulmoget group and also the whole colours moorit, black and grey.


In 2010 we started to create the Sherino, 75% Shetland and 25% Sherino with a micron count between 17 and 22.
In 2014 we started with the Longwool Sherino.


We exported to Germany, Tsjech Republic, France and Belgium.


Please feel free to contact us.